Wholesale solutions to streamline your investment service

If you’re currently providing your clients with access to investment options, or seeking out the best way to set up an investment service for your clients, Elston Portfolios has the high quality wholesale solution your practice needs.

5 reasons it’s better for you and your clients

  • Direct legal ownership of assets.
  • Conservative Investment management. Read More.
    Our investment universe is limited to the ASX100 and highly skewed towards the top 50 companies. We are similarly conservative in our property, international and fixed interest management.
  • Wholesale pricing. Read More.
    Unlike a managed fund with its multi-layered cost structure, our service is a wholesale priced service representing excellent value for clients.
  • Tax focused investment management. Read More.
    We manage portfolios with an emphasis on after tax returns and cater our management to your client’s tax position.
  • Detailed ad hoc tax reporting. Read More.
    Our online reporting is comprehensive. It contains full tax reporting and is available to you and your client 24/7.

All these features add up to transparency and certainty for clients who want a more complete investment solution, particularly for their SMSFs. There are also clear benefits for your practice.

  • Streamlined efficiency for both your advice business and SMSF practice. ask us how.
    Our reports can be supplied to you electronically in a format that is compatible with your current systems, significantly improving efficiency in your SMSF practice.
  • Greater protection for your clients because their assets are not tied to us. Read More.
    We operate purely as a manager. The assets are owned directly by your client. You have the security of knowing that you are not “over committed to us.” You can step away from Elston Portfolios and your clients won’t need to sell their assets to move on. The assets are in their name right from the start and are totally portable.
  • Competitive client total costs. Read More.
    Our wholesale pricing and combined administration effectively remove the middlemen. This removes a large chunk of cost that is often hidden inside a traditional fund structure.
  • Increased overall scalability. Read More.
    With the right systems behind you, you can deliver a quality service, but spend less time on administration. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on strengthening new relationships.

Savings Calculator

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All figures are excluding GST.
* Elston Portfolios Platform fee is a flat fee of $65 per account, per month.
** This figure is derived from the average account size provided, and may vary slightly depending on actual portfolio numbers.

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